It is important that parent contact information remain current. If your contact informtion has changed, please email Ms.Gusters in the office.

Principal's Message
I am extremely excited as I start my eighth year as principal at Lamping. I am looking forward to continuing the great working relationship with the staff, parents and students within the Lamping community.

It's my goal to continue the Lamping tradition of providing a positive, safe, and high quality education for all children. I'm committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust where all voices are heard and all decisions are made with the student's best interests in mind. We are dedicated to improving our teaching practice in order to help Lamping students learn and achieve in school and in life. We value your involvement and participation at Lamping and always welcome your ideas to help us improve our school.

As a teacher, assistant principal and now principal in CCSD for 19 years, I know what an exceptional staff we have. I am enormously proud of our outstanding faculty, students, administrators, and support staff. We have many caring individuals who work in our school daily. Our teachers are working very diligently at building relationships with our students. I look forward to working with all of them to help students reach their maximum potential.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via e-mail,, or by phone, 799-1330.

Committed to Excellence,

Robert Solomon
Office Contacts

Frank J. Lamping Elementary School

is located at:
2551 Summit Grove Drive
Henderson, NV 89052

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Telephone:  (702) 799-1330

Fax:  (702) 799-1347

Office Hours: 6:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Mr. Robert Solomon

Assistant Principal:
Mrs. Misty Tyler

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Principal Mr. Robert Solomon
Assistant Principal Mrs. Misty Tyler

office staff

Office Manager Ms. Kim Castaldo ext. 4100

Clerk Ms. Shonda Gusters ext. 4006

School Aide Mrs. Lashaell Knox ext. 4007

important contacts

Counselor Mrs. Previlon ext. 4301
Custodian, Head Ms. Louise Lucero
FASA (First Aid Safety Assistant) Mrs. Cindy Jauregui ext. 4002
Infinite Campus- Help Ms. Gusters &
Ms. Gries
ext. 4006
Kitchen Manager Mr. Patti ext. 4012
Library Aide Ms. Denise Roach ext. 4025
Safekey (City of Henderson) 702-267-4100 ext. 4030 safekey website (click here)
School Police 702-799-5411 & 702-799-7830


  ccsd transportation web page
Website Updates/ Facebook Page Sergio Avonce ext. 4015

Teacher Contacts
35 Garman
55 Jimenez
1 Johnson
51 Vitellaro
Grade 1
31A Kabo
53A Steffanich
33A Murphy
53B Shriver
33B Turba
Grade 2
43A Belmont
45A Markowicz
41A Ben Kessous
41B Hughes
45B Rapp

Grade 3
Grade 3 Website
43B Judkins
65A Kearney
63B Lake
63A Tillet
Grade 4
44 Palomo
42 Horvath
32 Ballard
34 McSimov
Grade 5
64 Dawson
52 Evans-Cau
54 Knudson
65 Schultz

Adapted P.E. Ford
Art Chanos
Autism-Intermediate Wagner



Counselor Previlon
Early Childhood Turner
FASA (First Aid Safety Assistant) Jauregui
GATE Pakuch
KIDS Program Gamboa
Library Roach
Music Schoessow
Nurse Duncan
P.E. Dawes
Pschychologist Kelly
SBT -Site Based Tech Avonce
Science Hanley
Literacy Strategist Orr
Spec. Ed. Facilitator Watson
Spec Ed. Resource



Speech-Autism Hirsch
Speech- K-5 Stearle