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Frank Lamping Elementary School is a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School

Frank Lamping Elementary School serves over 630 students in the community of Henderson, Nevada, situated just south of Las Vegas. Lamping is a genuinely exceptional school with an invested group of educators, staff, families, and community members. Everyone takes responsibility for the education of our students, and the highest of standards are expected and achieved year after year.

Lamping Elementary is a Governor’s STEAM school and designated STEM school by the Nevada STEM Coalition, meeting rigorous standards for providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction and experiences for all students. With extensive parent and community involvement, a partnership was formed by naming our Science Center after William McCool, pilot of the ill-fated Columbia Space Shuttle Mission. As a result, students utilize a three-quarter scale space shuttle simulator and mission control center, the first of its kind on the West Coast. Our students sit in the cockpit, manipulate the controls, and use critical thinking skills to solve challenging problems through actual space flight simulations. Our children now have a shot at traveling in space before they even think of getting a driver’s license!

The power of positive relationships is at the core of our climate and culture at Lamping. As a staff, we are intentional about building these relationships, which is the foundation of our success. We are delighted to see our students every day, and we tell them so. Every child and adult is enriched by just being a part of our school.

Lamping Elementary School Home of the Lighting Bolts

Enlightening and Enriching Future Generations.

2022 - 2023 Registration

Parents Online registration will be available starting April 25th please Click here to view our online registration process. - Returning Students 2022-2023- Student Transferring to Lamping from another CCSD School 2022-2023 - New Students to CCSD 2022-2023 - New Kindergarten Registration School 2022-2023

Designated Nevada STEM School

Lamping Elementary has been recognized as a Governor Designated Nevada STEM School. Designation as a Governor's STEM School indicates that Lamping Elementary has met the high standards of STEM instruction and will work to increase achievement in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

Preschool General Education Peers

Lamping Elementary School is pleased to announce an opportunity for general education preschool children within our community: the 1/2 day Early Childhood Inclusion program and the full day Early Childhood KIDS Autism program. This opportunity will enable your child to receive valuable, age-appropriate instruction, as well as, provide the students with delays, age appropriate role models. If you are interested in your child participating in this learning experience, please click here and follow the links for more information.


There are lots of good teachers, students and friends.
Keaton N Student
I like lunch and recess!
Gideon R Student
It is a good school that lets your creativity flow.
Teo N Student
I like playing P.E., I like art and I like the teachers.
Autumn P Student
What I mostly like about lamping is the JAWS track
Maddie L Student
I love Lamping. It is awesome.
Alec B Student
I love that I have time to play and do JAWS before lunch
Gavin W Student
I like science
Ethan W Student
Lamping is a great school with good teachers and great materials to help us learn. Astro Camp was really fun because we got to do interactive things we normally wouldn’t be able to do. We learned about nature, stars and teamwork.”
Tommy W Student
I like Lamping because the teachers are nice, we do really fun things, and everything is explained well. I love going to school!”
Lexi W Student
Lamping is so fun! All the teachers are great and it’s a really fun and safe school.
Cassidy W Student
Lamping is a great school. It is full of amazing teachers and I have learned so much
James B Student
I like science the most because we’re going to dig for fossils when we go back to school.
Ava R Student
I miss special projects in GATE and creativity in art class, excelling in math and fun times with friends
Giovanni L Student
I think the specialists are all really good teachers. They really enjoy what they teach, and I learn a lot from them each time I go.
Nate B Student
taplin 2020 – 44
Lamping has played an integral part in our child’s educational, social and emotional foundation that will set them up to be successful, empathetic and contributing members of society. We are so thankful for the teachers and administration that truly care for the children and want to challenge them to reach their full potential. Mr. Solomon and Mrs. Tyler are consistent and kind in guiding the children and teachers. Lamping has been such a blessing to our family!
Lamping is the definition of an amazing school. We have incredibly caring and dedicated educators as well as administration that truly care about the kids. If there is ever any concern, no matter how small, it is always immediately addressed. I have seen both of my children thrive while receiving their education here. There are many enjoyable after- school events and spirit nights for the kids to create memories at. Parental involvement is welcomed, and it is truly a great school community to be a part of.
Lori Biunno Parent
My daughter went to Lamping from kindergarten to fifth grade and my son is a current student. We are very blessed to be at a school with a great principal, teachers and staff. I also feel that we have an awesome PTA community that is ready to be involved in fun events and fundraisers. We love Lamping Elementary and will be very sad when we must part ways in a few years.
Lorie Simos Parent
As a parent, you always want to do what’s best for your kids and I feel that Lamping is a wonderful place for my children. The administration, teachers, and staff do an incredible job making the students always feel important. Parent involvement is one of the highest around which makes a big difference. The education that my kids are receiving there is outstanding and I couldn’t ask for a better environment for them.
Nicole Welch Parent
Attending Lamping has been such an amazing experience for both my children and me! Lamping teachers go above and beyond to educate and support their students. The PTA and the entire Lamping community are very involved in such a positive way that it keeps the kids engaged and excited to come to school! Not being from Nevada, we feel so blessed to have found Lamping Elementary School!
Lea Jonic Parent
Lamping is an excellent school. Our son was a student at Lamping from kindergarten through fifth grade. Our daughter is currently in the fifth grade there but started in the pre-school program. The administration and teachers there are amazing. Our kids have both done well academically and socially at Lamping. It’s a great place for learning and building friendships.
Yong Dawson Parent
Our kids love school because of their amazing teachers. The teachers at Lamping have been exceptional in transitioning to distance learning. They’ve done a great job engaging the students throughout the school day while still connecting with every student.
Lamping Elementary is a fantastic school! This is the 14th consecutive year I have a child at this school and I’m so happy with the consistency, care, support and community there. It is very well run and I feel heard by my children’s teachers and administration. I’m so grateful that we have such a competently run place to send our children to learn. Thank you, Lamping Team!
I'd like to recognize a wonderful experience we had this year in Mrs. Shappley's 3rd grade class. Given the current situation with social distancing, the Halloween / trick or treating experience was pretty watered down for our children this year. Mrs. Shappley held a great day of Halloween fun activities for her class. Our son Kane enjoyed it so much. There were spooky stories read by the children. Costumes were worn by everyone. There were also snacks and movies throughout the day. It's all our child could talk about that day and really helped to provide some additional fun and enjoyment to the holiday. So thank you to Mrs Shappley and Lamping Elementary for that experience.
Lamping's science center is amazing! Students of all grades enjoy the animals kept at the center and get to utilize the space simulator once they are in 4th grade. My boys still share stories of their "missions" to space. Lamping also provides many different programs/groups for the students to enjoy throughout the year. From Accelerated Reader, Reflections, Broadcast, Rubik's, and Beta club, to Robotics club and J.A.W.S.! Lamping provides activities to keep students engaged and active! Our administration is available whenever you have concerns and are active participants in all Lamping events. They welcome badged parent volunteers regularly as well. They do their best to make the school fun for the students. Where else can you see a principal willing to dress up like Santa during the school's winter concert? I'm happy to call Lamping our HOME school.
Lamping is a school where you will find teachers, administrators and staff who are dedicated as well as provide structure and a nurturing environment. Their passion for teaching is apparent and they foster a love for learning in students. It is more than a school. It is a community, filled with wonderful families and friendships that are formed which last beyond elementary school. The parent involvement within the PTA has been incredible. I cannot adequately thank everyone for helping shape my three children who attended Lamping over the past decade.
Alice Braun Parent
Lamping Elementary has an incredible staff and power duo in their principal/assistant principal roles. They exude compassion, structure and positivity in their daily roles. Our family has been blessed for the last (almost) 9 years with Mr. Solomon as our principal, Mrs. Tyler as assistant principal and all the outstanding Lamping staff. The success of our two students is truly a testament to their incredible devotion to their roles at Lamping Elementary and we are eternally grateful!
This is our 6th year at Lamping and since day 1 we have always felt welcomed! From the moment we were greeted by the office staff when we registered to every single staff member. We came from a private preschool and kindergarten so we didn't know anyone but that didn't last long. I was asked if I wanted to be room mom our first year there and from then on I was able to help out as much as I wanted. The PTA has many opportunities as well to be involved and it is great! The staff isn't just the staff, they become good friends and we really feel like a family at Lamping! In addition to all the amazing people we have at Lamping, the school itself is unbelievable! Lamping is a STEAM school and our science facility is one of a kind. It has a space shuttle simulator, greenhouse, paleontology dig, shop, and a ton of live animals. The school is kept super clean because even our custodians are great! We will always be proud to be a Lamping Lightning Bolt!
Beckham family Parents
We wanted to convey our appreciation of the Lamping staff who have stayed dedicated to our kids through this time. A special thank you to Mrs. Garman, Mrs. Kabo, Mrs. Cabusao, Mrs. Morville and Mr. Rapp who have remained patient with our little ones even when they turn off their cameras, cannot find what they need for class and have computer difficulties. You all have gone above and beyond what is normally asked of you. You have shown us the true meaning of family. Ms. Cindy, your kind heart and words are greatly missed by all of the Herrera kids. We admire your commitment and look forward to the time we can return to the class and see you in person.
Amity Herrera Parent
We feel very fortunate to have our daughter enrolled at at Lamping Elementary School. The staff and teachers work really hard to provide a fun learning environment for all the students. Parent involvement is always encouraged and helps the school to operate several programs that enrich the school experience for the kids. As a parent, I look forward to volunteering with the Watch DOGS (Dads Of Great Students) program where I can help support the teachers, staff and most importantly the kids. Our daughter really enjoys taking part in the JAWS running program and the accelerated reader program. Our daughter loves school and during this distance education time she reminds us quite frequently how much she wants to get back to Lamping, which says a lot about the school.
Larson family Parents

Trustee Board Member

Lisa Guzman

Trustee Guzman believes that education is the best investment Nevadans can make for their future. Her firm belief is that investing in education now will help build a stronger foundation for Nevada in the future.