Mr. Frank Lamping

Mr. Frank Lamping

A unique man with a unique vision

Lamping Elementary is named in honor of Frank Lamping who is perhaps best known for helping to establish the middle school concept in the Clark County School District. Mr. Lamping gave Clark County 30 years of dedicated service prior to his retirement.

Frank Lamping, a first-generation American, was the youngest of seven children. He was married for over 40 years to the late Betty Lee Kirk, a Pittsburgh native. Frank Lamping has two sons, Kirk and Clark.

Mr. Lamping began his education career in Pittsburgh, first as a student at St. Ambrose Catholic Elementary School and then at North Catholic High School. After serving in the military for three years during the Korean Conflict, he attended Slippery Rock State Teachers’ College where he received his undergraduate degree and then master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Lamping taught in the Pittsburgh Public County School District for several years before moving to Las Vegas in 1963. Mr. Lamping was honored with the privilege of opening two new schools, Kenny C. Guinn and Thurman White. Kenny C. Guinn Junior High School, which he opened in 1978, was the first school in Nevada to receive the President’s Excellence in Education Award.

Frank Lamping has received many awards recognizing his contributions as an educator.

Mr. Frank Lamping's Contributions

Contributions & Awards


Elementary School

1963-1965 Coordinator, Special Education, CCSD
1965-1967 Principal, Paradise ES

Junior High Schools

1967-1974 Principal, Hyde Park JHS
1974-1978 Principal, William Orr JHS
1978-1980 Principal, Kenny C. Guin JHS
Middle Schools

1980-1981 Sr. Vice President, Valley Bank MS

1981-1992 Principal, Lyal Burkholder MS
1992-1994 Principal, Thurman White MS

Education Awards

Inducted into the Clark County School District Education Hall of Fame.

Recognized by the United States Department of Education and Nevada State Department of Education for the development of exemplary schools.

University of Notre Dame Exemplar Award for Education.

Recognized by Nevada State Department of Education for an outstanding school in 1983-1984, 1984-1985, and 1986-1987

Clark County Awards

Inducted into the Clark County School District Education Hall of Fame.
The Book of Golden Deeds Award from the Exchange Club of Las Vegas for the Outstanding Educator of the Clark County School District and his community involvement.

Other Awards
Milkin Family foundation honoree as an outstanding educator Profiles in Excellence Award from the American School Board Association for his Parent Involvement Through Technology
Boss of the Year award from the American Business Women's Association
School-Business Partnership Award
Outstanding Principal of the Year from the Astronomical Society of Southern Nevada and Young Astronauts of Nevada


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