New Addition

Construction Time Lapse Video

Here at Lamping Elementary, we endeavor to make all students feel welcome. The first thing you will see as you enter the new building is the stairway. On each step is a positive affirmation, beginning with I belong here. We hope each student will feel as if they do belong here as they start their Lamping careers. When you enter Lamping, you are important…and you are the reason we are here.

Reading Nook

In our welcoming and peaceful reading nook, you will find a place for students to relax with a book. Young minds hard at work can enjoy a calming and restful space for a break.

Flex Computer Lab

The state of the art computer lab is equipped with teacher and student work stations, interactive white boards, and boasts interactive learning opportunities. With new and innovative ideas, here at Lamping, we strive to provide the very best for all students.

STEAM Science Lab

In addition to our William McCool Science Center, we also have a STEAM science lab. This room has everything our young scientists need to advance their understanding in STEAM oriented fields. With hands-on activities and the latest most efficient equipment, we provide everything our students need to achieve their goals.

Sensory Hallway

With our specialized programs, we are always looking for new ideas to help our students. The sensory hallway has multiple options for students to hop, tiptoe, or even stand peacefully for a small break.

Kinder Wing

The kindergarten wing of the new building offers new, larger classrooms with plenty of space and room for creative young minds to grow. We encourage all students to strive for greatness and hope that our tradition of excellence will follow them throughout their education careers.


Office Opens : 7:30 AM

Student Arrival : 8:40 AM

Student Dismissal : 3:11 PM


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Telephone: (702) 799-1330