Board of Trustees

WMSCBoard of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The WMSC Foundation Board was created to ensure that the interests of the William McCool Science Center are preserved. The board makes decisions for the center’s budget, spending and fundraising and also is in place to help ensure that the building remains a center of excellence in science education. If you have an interest in serving on the board or have other questions, please contact Principal Solomon.

William McCool Foundation Board of Trustees

Ex Officio Trustees:

Robert Solomon, President

Misty Tyler, Secretary

Jenifer Hanley, Science Director

PTA President: Alice Braun

Appointed Trustees (3 year term ending in December of designated year):

Amy Thill, Vice President  Rotate off 2021

Brad Emery, Treasurer    Rotate off 2021

Steve Scow, Trustee       Rotate off 2021

Honorary Trustees:

Barry McCool
Father of William McCool

Audrey McCool
Mother of William McCool


Office Opens : 7:30 AM

Student Arrival : 8:40 AM

Student Dismissal : 3:11 PM



Telephone: (702) 799-1330