Tour the WMSC


Tour the WMSC

Inside Education, Vegas PBS, Ch. 10, September 2010
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The Lobby
Sponsored by the Kucera and Harmon Family

The Lobby Area is used to showcase exhibits and displays our picture tribute to William McCool.  Here you will see photos of William taken during the Columbia mission.  You will also find an enlarged copy of an e-mail sent from Willie while up in space.

Also in the lobby is the Science Shop. Students can buy various
science related kits and toys.

The Space Shuttle Simulation Center
Sponsored by the Nam Family 

Our 3/4 scale model Space Shuttle Simulator and Mission Control Center are the only ones west of the Mississippi  River.  In the Simulator, students must manipulate the controls exactly the way real astronauts do in order to have a successful launch or landing.

The Science Exploration Center
Sponsored by the McCall and Reviglio Families

The Science Exploration Center is the room where scientific experiments and observations take place.  In the Lab is the Teacher Work station, two fish habitats, the Exploration Tables and the Experiment Stations.

The Teacher Work Station
Sponsored by Speedee Mart

This state-of-the-art teacher’s work station is well outfitted with
multi-media capabilities including an interactive white board and 3-D projector with the capability to display images from a microscope.

The Experiment Stations
Sponsored by the Harvest Church of Las Vegas and the Adams, Cavileer, Curtis, Czerwinski, and Pich Families

The six experiment stations are a great place to perform more involved  experiments and observations that require a sink or microscope.

The Exploration Tables
Sponsored by the Archambault, Chenin, Deol, Haase, Oleesky, and Proctor familiesThe exploration tables are a great place for students to gather for general instruction and for performing basic experiments and observations.

The Technology Center
Sponsored by the Red Rock Foundation and the Nam, Polis and Woodie families

In the Technology Center are  the 16 Technology Stations, the Space Shuttle Simulator, and the Nutrition Center.  The technology center is used for  set up science experiment kits, robotics classes, and after school enrichment classes.   (One sponsorship is still available.)

Engineering Lab
Sponsored by the Arredondo, Collura, Donaldson, McNaught, Quinn, and Ralston families

Here students can work through the engineering process by working on a variety of projects for their classroom. Supplies are provided and replenished

The Nutrition Center
Spons ored by the Howarth and Machabee Families

In the Nutrition Center, students explore the science of nutrition and cooking.

The Columbia Memorial Walkway
There are seven benches and trees honoring the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 astronauts.
Sponsored by the Lamping staff and the Bomparola, Frohnen, Howarth, Kost, McCool and O’Dowd families. 

Stones at the entrance of the building are engraved with messages from Lamping families.

The Paleontology Dig Station
Sponsored by the Griffin FamilyThe Paleontology Dig Station is where students uncover and learn about dinosaur bones and other fossils.  They can also perform earth science experiments.

The Tri-Desert Garden
Sponsored by Gothic Landscape

In the Tri-Desert Garden, students can study the similarities and differences of the Sonoran, Mojave, and Great Basin deserts as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit each region.

The Hummingbird Garden
Sponsored by the Silver family

The Hummingbird Garden contains plants that attract hummingbirds as well as several hummingbird feeders.  It is our hope that hummingbirds will find enough to eat so that they will remain in the garden throughout the year.  Students will conduct research that involves measuring nectar production in various flower species, and tracking hummingbird visits using spotting scopes.

Christa McAuliffe Observatory

Mrs. Grimes applied for and got a grant  to build our space observatory and purchase  telescopes, one which is housed within the observatory.  A few times a year,  the Lamping community gets together for an evening of star gazing.


Office Opens : 7:30 AM

Student Arrival : 8:40 AM

Student Dismissal : 3:11 PM



Telephone: (702) 799-1330


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Inside Education, Vegas PBS, Ch. 10, September 2010

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