Benefits of the WMSC

Benefits of the WMSC

Science is fun in the WMSC.
In the WMSC, science is something fun that you can touch, see, taste, smell and experience.
Instead of just learning from textbooks, students at Lamping also enjoy the excitement of hands-on science in the William McCool Science center. Students have access to a space shuttle simulator, well-equipped labs, paleontology dig area, greenhouse, computers, kitchen, a planetarium and more.

Our students are enthusiastic about and comfortable with what is often considered a challenging subject. Test scores, grades and a love of learning are positively influenced.

Benefits of the WMSC

  • Students have the immeasurable benefit of a full-time science specialist and three part-time assistants to not only add additional help for hands-on activities, but also prepare and take field trips such as the 5th grade trip to the Catalina Island Marine Institute and the 3rd grade Mt. Charleston camp out.
  • All students experience 50 minutes of hands-on science in the science lab each week. Lessons help bring to life core concepts students learn in the classroom. Students dissect squids, examine owl pellets, create chemical reactions and much more!
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 visit the space shuttle simulator and mission control. In the 3/4 scale model, students must go through all the actions a real astronaut would to take off, fly and land their shuttle. In mission control, students communicate with the shuttle to ensure a safe flight and landing.
  • Students visit the Star Lab planetarium and view the stars and constellations.
  • Students in grade 4 become Green Thumb Investors in a science/economics project as they plant, cultivate and sell plants for a profit in the greenhouse.
  • Students are offered after school science camps that explore concepts such as rockets and chemistry.
  • Students become paleontologists and learn about life millions of years ago as they dig up fossils and bones in the paleontology dig area.
  • Students visit and learn about a variety of animals in 15 live animal habitats.
  • Students have additional access to visit the center with their classroom to use the 16 laptop computers.
  • Teachers can bring classrooms into the technology center to teach with its interactive Promethean board.
  • Students and parents can visit the center’s gift shop and bring home kits, toys, books and more (all proceeds benefit the WMSC).


There is a lot more the science center has to offer! We invite you to visit the WMSC and see for yourself what a worthwhile center it is for our students. Contact our science specialist, Mrs. Figueroa , for a tour.

Thank you for supporting our privately funded center of hands-on science!


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